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About Us

East Coast Seafood

East Coast Seafood provides an extensive range of Fish and Seafood products that includes Award winning (Oak and Beech) Hot and Cold smoked Salmon produced in our own ‘Smokers’ on the premises. 
We offer Lobster, Langoustines and prize Scallops, as well as other exceptional choices of shellfish products including our Award winning Brown Crab product (which was featured on the Northern Ireland version of The Great British Menu)as well as white meat and cocktail crab claws all locally caught and sourced from a network of local fishermen.
B2B and B2C

Traditionally East Coast Seafood’s has supplied to B2B (Business to Business) outlets like Pubs/Restaurants/Shops and Hotels providing chefs with fresh fish and seafood products to facilitate menu choices to their customers. 

There has however always been the opportunity for individuals to just drop-in and buy produce directly from ‘Marty’s’ for their fish supper.

Over the years as our reputation has grown for providing excellent quality produce, we have seen more and more B2C (Business to Consumer) demand for daily fresh produce. We are currently looking at new ways to satisfy this growing demand by developing both new and traditional channels to bring our products to market.  

At East Coast Seafood we are proud to have developed and maintained an excellent reputation for providing high quality local sourced produce to our customers. In the last few years we have won prestigious awards in the area of product development in certain lines.

Traditionally we've provided our customers with a full product list that includes Fish and Seafood; as well as some specialised and premium items.  

Following on from the success of our very own smoked product lines we are firmly committed to developing more and more of our very own in-house products as well as trialling other local supplier products to both our B2B and growing B2C channels.

We look forward in continuing to provide a traditional product selection offering as well as presenting tasty new and innovative future product lines; with the assurance of East Coast Seafood’s quality and value to all of our customers.

At East Coast Seafood’s we recognise that we are living in a changing world and the speed at which technology is happening, can at times; be daunting. We recognise and accept that if a busy is to survive and grow it must look at ways to improve its products and services and that technology offers the opportunity to do this. With this in mind we are firmly committed to integrating technology into our business processes.  

We understand the need to embrace technological innovation but recognise that we only need to use applications where there is a business imperative to do so. We are fully committed to internal system development in the areas of Ordering and Stock control to better monitor and maintain our product inventory as well as external systems that provide easier and more convenient methods for our customers to order and engage with us.

The Future

We also recognise the growing contribution that social networking can make in the areas of Sales and Marketing and we have already begun using Facebook and Twitter as well as an SMS Text Alert system.  

We are looking at how we can best serve those customers who want the choice of an on line ordering facility. We also aim to trial and roll an on-line ordering application that help us bring our product offerings to the attention of an ever growing number of our customers who use mobile devices to shop.

But rest assured that we are, and always will be; committed to providing a traditional business model with good customer service at the heart of everything we do!
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