Frozen Shellfish

East Coast Seafood Frozen Shellfish Products

For those of you who want to have a freezer full of delicious Shellfish delights available all year round, look no further than our Frozen Shellfish Range.
Go on treat yourself and stock up now.

Coldwater Cooked & Peeled
Prawns U120'S
Big, succulent and Juicy what more can we say about our Large delicious Peeled and Cooked Cold water King Prawns!
Coldwater Cooked & Peeled
Prawns No. 1's
Delicious fresh tasting cold water prawns, already cooked and peeled for your taste delight.  Ideal for any meal or on their own as a treat.
Select Scampi

Succulent peeled Scampi is a firm favourite with most. You can't go wrong if you include this in your meal plan.
Gourmet Scampi

The taste of divine decadence with these juicy and delicious Gourmet scampi delights for the connoisseur.
Jumbo Scampi

Jumbo Scampi - for those who love to 'Go Big' our Jumbo Scampi just about fit the Pan.  Simply delicious in stir fry.
Premium Block
Scampi Meat
Only the juiciest, succulent, hand peeled tail meat gets into our Premium Scampi meat for your delight.
Breaded Wholetail
Delicious Whole Tail Breaded Scampi for a simple cook straight from frozen tasty option for the kids.  Perfect for parties or a convenient meal.
Breaded Butterfly
Style King Prawn Tails
Coated in delicious golden breadcrumbs our Frozen Butterfly, tail on, headless prawns, are simply delicious on their own or as a meal accompaniment.
Breaded Torpedo
King Prawns
Ideal for 'Snacking and Dipping' Torpedo King Prawns are a delightful treat that is quick and easy and very very tasty!
Breaded Prawn
Succulent whole peeled prawns infused with chilli and herbs, hand rolled in a crispy pastry the perfect selection for a hosted occasion.
Filo Wrapped 
King Prawn Tails
Ideal with a Sweet Chilli sauce dip these party favourites are sure to go down well at any event.
Tempura Battered
King Prawns
Perfect for a Japanese themed dinner party  Tempura Battered King Prawns with their classic ultra-light batter is perfect for a light snack with drinks.
Whole Head on Black 
Tiger King Prawns
These large delicious Big prawns commonly referred to as 'Gambas'  are for those who are serious about prawns - once tried never forgotten!
Raw Peeled Tiger 
King Prawn Tails
Finest quality sourced, fully peeled Raw Tiger King Prawns provide an ideal accompaniment to any meal or event.
Jumbo Cooked
Med Crevettes
This beautiful and delicious prawn is from the Mediterranean and is a must if you are planning on making a Paella. 
Graded Local
Our locally sourced delicious Langoustines are so fresh they have attitude! Quoted by one Chef as "The best he's had in Ireland" these are a must try!
Cooked and Fully Peeled Tail on Tiger King Prawns
Commonly called King Prawns these Shelled and De-veined succulent Tiger Prawns suit all palate.
Cooked and Peeled 
Tiger King Prawns
Succulent and Juicy fully peeled Raw Tiger King Prawns to suit those who do not want any shell to distract them.
Mussel Meat

If you want a genuine taste of the sea then look no further.  Mussels are a true all year round produce of the sea that is simply delicious.
Clam Meat

Ideal for those who want to make a good Irish Chowder dish this succulent and tasty shellfish is a versatile ingredient for inclusion in any recipe.
New Zealand
1/2 Shell Mussels
These delicious succulent mussels are ideal as both a starter and a main meal.  Steamed and served hot with some Wheaten bread - Superb!
Chilean Whole Shell 
Vac Mussels
Ready to Eat, Mussel with two shells vacuum packed, whole, clean and cooked in its own juice then frozen so the juice that the mussel leaves during the cooking process stays.
Whole Venus
Simple but Good and rich in Omega 3 oil.  With their rich taste clams provide a welcome, tasty addition to any meal plan that is simple prepare. 
Whole Cooked
Lobster - The King of Shellfish and good taste.  An affluent dish that graces any table.  Enjoy the great taste and indulge yourself!
Royal Seafood Cocktail
(Scallops, Prawns & Mussels)
A three in one taste sensation this is a starter or main meal fit for a King.  Queen Scallops, Prawns and Mussels; who can say No?
Chowder Mix (Salmon, Cod, Smoked Haddock)
From packet to pot, our delicious Seafood Chowder contains a mix of three tasty fish that is simply sublime!
Seafood Cocktail
(Prawn, Mussel & Squid)
A delicious Cocktail Threesome as anyone's meal that contains Prawns, Mussels and Squid and easy to cook from packet to pan in no time.  
King Scallops

Our Frozen King Scallops; once cooked have a delectably sweet and juicy taste.
They are high in protein and low in calories, also containing Omega-3 fatty acids with a full flavour goodness.
Queen Scallops

In the UK, we eat king scallops, the smaller queen (also known as 'Queenies') and petite princess scallops. They’re sourced mainly around the Isle of Man and they are simply delicious.
Cocktail Crab Claws
(Single Pincer)
Delicious, succulent, sweet white crab claw meat bursting with sea freshness.  The superlatives can go on but the proof is in the tasting!
White Crab Meat

For those who just want to enjoy the delicious taste of white crab meat without the hassle of the shell; this is the way to go for you.
Crab Sticks

Crab sticks (are imitation crab meat) made from a form of kamaboko, a processed seafood made of starch and finely pulverized white fish.  Ideal for soups and stock.
Dressed Crab

Delicious dressed crab is juicy white and brown meat dressed back into its shell, carefully prepared ready for you to enjoy. 
Brown Crab Meat

Our Award winning succulent and delicious Brown Crab meat is always high on the shellfish connoisseurs favourite dish list.
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