East Coast Seafood - Delicatessen

We are currently active in product development of a new range of locally produced Deli lines for those of you with a discerning pallet.  As well as bringing on some locally produced speciality items we have now added some new items listed below.

Crab Butter

Everyone loves white crab meat, but the secret of deep crab flavour is in the brown meat. To this end we have developed our delicious premium crab butter for those with discerning taste buds. It can be used as a simple garnish in dishes like pasta or baked potatoes or as a simple snack or a wheat cracker or toast.
Smoked Mackerel
We have used our delicious Ballyhornan Smoked Mackerel to develop another tasty Deli product. Our smooth Smoked Mackerel pâté simply spread on warm toast or crusty bread is an excellent starter or simply snack to grace any table.  
Smoked Trout
Smoked Trout is such an incredibly flavoured fish. This smoked trout pâté is an absolute treat and once tasted we are sure you will never seem to get enough. Enjoy with crusty bread at a summer picnic washed down with an ice chilled Chardonnay.
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon is the king of smoked products. That is why we developed a delicious new pâté product so you can have a quick and easy way of enjoying the taste of this superb smoked fish. Tried on crusty bread or warm toast this taste is sublime and once tasted never forgotten.
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