East Coast Seafood's - Fish Informational Download's
In this section of our website we will be regularly adding Free information all about Fish that we hope may be of interest to you.  

So keep checking back or watch out in our Facebook page for links to new downloads to view information from here.

Informational Download No. 4-
ECSF - Full Colour Product Brochure

If you want to browse our full product range offline click on the link below to download a full colour version of our brochure to your computer.

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Informational Download No. 3-
Eatwell Guide

You'll see our Eat Well Fish across more and more of East Coast Seafood’s product range, making it simple to enjoy delicious healthy fish and seafood produce every day. Start discovering Eat Well for yourself today to help you balance your diet.

The Eat Well fish logo is based on the principles of the Eat Well Plate to help you achieve a balance of the nutrients your body needs from each of the different food groups.

To be labelled with the Eat Well logo, these products must meet strict nutritional criteria which are based on current Government guidelines for calories, fat, saturated fat, added sugar and salt.

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Informational Download No. 2-
Ardglass herring: An historic, 
world-renowned Northern Irish food hero!

Potted or pickled herrings are the stuff that novels and lyrics were written about. ‘Mrs. Eckdorfin O’Neill’s Hotel’ by William Trevor has lots of
references to potted herrings from Ardglass. 

Sir Van Morrison in his Coney Island hit sings:

“Stop off at Ardglass for a couple of jars of 
mussels and some potted herrings in case 
we get famished before dinner”
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Informational Download No. 1-
Fish for Children

Fish is one of the few foods the experts agree on. All the research shows that fish is a rich source of many of the nutrients needed for young bodies as well as playing an important role in helping to prevent many of the diseases of later life.
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