Frozen Fish 4 Kids

East Coast Seafood - Frozen Fish 4 Kids

As a parent we all know the importance of trying to get our kids to eat more Fish, but more often than not they will view your best efforts to cook some fish for them with a 'No Thanks'.  That is why East Coast Seafood's developed a line of products that enable you to get Real Fish into your kids in a delicious way that they will find appetising and more importantly will help to make sure they eat more Fish!

Jumbo Breaded
Fish Fingers
Most kids just love fish fingers, but not all fish fingers are alike.  Our Jumbo breaded fish fingers are packed with real wholesome good tasting fish and the your kids will love you for going large!
Breaded Cod 
A truly delicious way of getting some wholesome real fish into the kids.  These succulent bite sized cod pieces are quick and easy to prepare in the grill or oven and make a really good finger food experience.
Ham & Cheese
Breaded Fish Shanty
Mention fish to some kids and you'll get an instant No!  With our Ham and Cheese Shanty they won't even know they're eating fish goodness because they taste delicious - so go covert on your kids and try them!
Luxury Cod
Fish Cakes
A lot of kids love fish cakes but the quality of filling depending on where you get them from can vary.  Our Luxury Cod Fish Cakes you can depend on having a quality filling that your kids will thank you for.
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