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East Coast Seafood's - putting Ballyhornan on the Map!

Award Winning Smoked Salmon; getting ready for Internet Selling!
East Coast Seafoods has launched its newly packaged Award Winning Smoked Salmon in 100g and 200g Packets.  "We decided to brand this Flagship product as Ballyhornan Smoked Salmon; as we are proud to showcase this beautiful part of the world we live and work in", said owner Marty Johnston.

He went on to say"We are aiming to have this product available for sale on our new eCommerce platform in the early part of next week to try and facilitate the numerous requests we have had from customers to purchase Smoke Salmon from us online."  During the Beta testing of the new online shop it was accidently switched on 'live' for a few hours last Sunday and we received our first online order for four 200g packs from a lady in France, which bodes well for post Brexit sales to European countries." 

Traditionally East Coast Seafood has serviced the restaurant sector of the food industry but now they have recently launched their factory outlet to increase local retail sales. They are actively involved in new product development for this channel. Marty went on to say; “These are uncertain times we live in, especially for business – but we are confident that quality products at a fair price will always provide revenue opportunities and we look forward to bringing our product range to a wider marketplace in the future.”

The Perfect Storm” Salmon Prices Rise
It is beholding to us in the fish industry to keep our customers informed of anything that effects the price of fish, subsequently you may or not be aware of the bad news currently affecting Salmon pricing globally.

“Why salmon prices are leaping: Death of millions of fish in Chile because of an algal bloom causes 60% increase in a year” Source: Daily Mail Online - 16 May 2016.

“Price of salmon jumps by 16% amid shortages: Fish could be forced off restaurant menus after sea lice epidemic depletes Scottish farms” Source: Daily Mail Online - 21 June 2016.

These global events are being termed as “The Perfect Storm” causing an extreme shortage and subsequently causing an all-time high in the cost of salmon stock exports. 

Subsequently, in the short term we have had no choice but to raise the price of our /kg price of Salmon whilst this current situation persists. We are however confident that this will not be for to long as we have heard that news that a New generation of fish stock will be available from Scotland and we will of course pass on any lower pricing to our customers at that time when salmon pricing stabilises.

In the meantime we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding at this time.

Warm Regards

For East Coast Seafood’s

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