Fresh Shellfish

East Coast Seafood FRESH Shellfish Range

Shellfish is quite simply Delicious - but Fresh, Mmm that's a taste sensation!
Whenever possible we always try to acquire a stock of fresh Shellfish for our discerning customers, so please ensure you keep checking with us for some of these tasty products.

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Strangford Lough
They say you can 'taste the Mourne's' when eating Strangford Lough mussels!  Locally sourced fresh mussels like these will grace any table as a first class starter or a 'bucket load' for a main meal.  Delicious served steaming hot with malt vinegar and wheaten bread!
Irish Rope
The clean unpolluted waters around Ireland's coastline make for idle farming grounds to produce succulent and delicious Irish Rope Mussels.  This means we can supply this local delicacy all year round for those who can't get enough of these tasty shellfish.
Chilean Rope 
Slightly larger than the local variety - Chilean Mussels are farm-raised in the cold Antarctic waters of Southern Chile. They are rope-grown. All natural Chilean Mussels are cooked and then quickly flash frozen to retain the flavour of freshly caught Mussels. 
Crab Meat
Our locally caught white crab meat is a firm favourite with most.
This beautiful hand picked white crab meat, selected from the best crabs that live around our beautiful rugged coastline let you taste the sea freshness - just excellent!
( Hand Peeled )
 Cocktail Crab Claws
Our delectable Hand Peeled crab claws makes an impressive centre piece to adorn any dinner table.  This succulent and tasty shellfish will make an ideal starter/cocktail arrangement or as a simple lunchtime treat that is hard to beat. 
Award Winning Fresh 
Brown Crab Meat
Our Award Winning cooked Brown Crab meat is a succulent delicious  rich meat that is stronger tasting than the white meat. Rich in Omega 3 oils it packs a punchy taste that is ideal as a spread or for use in sauces
Fresh King 
Scallop Meat
Scallop meat has a sweet, delicate flavour and requires very little cooking. Scallops are at their best steamed, pan fried or grilled.
We clean and prepare our scallops without soaking, so our scallops don't spit in the pan and cook evenly.

Our locally caught Langoustines are something special.  One of our chefs remarked that "they were the best he'd seen in the whole of Ireland".  Ideal for B-B-Q's or a centre piece for parties these fresh delicacies are a great treat for any event.
Fresh Lobster

Lobster - The King of Shellfish and delicious tasting. An affluent dish that graces any table. Indulge yourself with the joy of this great tasting shellfish or treat your dinner guests to a special meal they won’t forget.
Fresh Brown 
Whole Crab
Caught locally by one of our own boats this is the most commonly eaten crab in the UK. The brown crab can weigh up to 3 kg and contains plenty of delectable,  sweet and succulent meat.
Fresh Oysters

Oysters are the Royalty of Shellfish!  Often pictured adorning lavish centre pieces at affluent parties this luscious seafood treat is for those who take their seafood seriously! 
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