Frozen Premium Fish Steaks

East Coast Premium 
Frozen Fish Steaks

Think you've tried Tuna? Wait until you taste a Tuna Steak!
Want something different?  How about a Swordfish Steak?

Our premium fish steak range will astound you with full on fish flavour in an ample portion size,frozen for convenience and ready to try.

Salmon Steaks
230 - 260 Grams
Salmon is a delicious fish, but for those who are serious lovers of it there can be no better way to eat it than as a big fat juicy steak.  These large steak size slices are packed with wholesome goodness.
Halibut Steaks
230 - 260 Grams
If you're a lover of Halibut you are at some point going to want to go large!  These steaks are perfect for any dinner table packed with juicy taste.  Why not treat yourself and the family to this fish feast.
Swordfish Steaks 
230 - 260 Grams
If you haven't tried them then you are in for a treat.  The swordfish is a wonderful fish to eat. It's moist and full of flavour, with a slightly sweet taste. The firm and meaty texture allows the fish to be particularly rich and juicy.
Tuna Steaks
230 - 260 Grams
We've all had Tuna, but until you've eaten a Tuna Steak; you haven't eaten Tuna!  Why not try a delicious  tasty steak size of this delicious fish.
Salmon Fillet Portion
200 - 230 Grams
For the serious Salmon connoisseur a beautiful full sized portion of this delicious fish is required and what better way than a nice juicy large fillet.
Cod Loin Portions
150 - 170 Grams
The loin of cod is the middle third of a cod fillet, and is especially moist and flaky. As with the rest of the fish, cod loin has a sweet, subtle flavour and is pearly white tasting as delicious as it looks. 
Yellow Fin Tuna Loin
230 - 260 Grams
Yellow fin tuna is a delicacy often enjoyed raw in sushi, but it is also excellent when cooked. A member of the mackerel family it is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart and tastes delicious!
Halibut Loin Portions
170 - 230 Grams
The largest of the flat fish, halibut has a beautifully mild sweet tasting flesh with a firm but tender texture. Why not try a delicious tasty steak size of this delicious fish.
Swordfish Loin Portions
170 - 230 Grams
Swordfish is a chunky fish which has a texture not short of a good steak. It is a joy to be treasured and for that reason you should give one of these delicious loin cuts a try.
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