It's always nice to hear good things said about you; and at East Coast Seafood's we are no different!

We love to hear feedback from our customers (especially when it's positive).  So below are some comments that have been made about our products.  Please feel to let us know how you feel either on Facebook or face to face.

Sarah Bangor 

“Dear Marty and Eileen. 

Thank you for looking after us so well this summer. All the fish was wonderful
the cod, the monkfish, the crab and of course those amazing lobsters.. They really were the best any of us had ever eaten. 
Very good smoked salmon pate, we haven't tried the smoked mackerel pate yet but Annabella has used the crab butter on some hake fillets and said it was delicious. . 
Life at Castle Ward would be much harder without East Coast so thank you so much and we look forward to being able to ordering our smoked salmon and getting it sent to us in London.. Makes a great present and much better than any we find over here.” 

Very best wishes 
Sarah Bangor 

Lady Bangor – otherwise known as historian and biographer Sarah Bradford is married to William Ward who, in 1993 became the 8th Viscount of Bangor. The couple are reported to spend much of the summer months at Castle Ward.

Chef River Room Galgorm

"I have never seen anything like East Coast Seafood's Langoustine Prawns in Ireland!" Fair praise indeed from The Chef at River Room, Galgorm" (http://www.galgorm.com)

Una Fergusson

Review 5 Star!  
"A real find, smoked salmon amazing."

Terry Rice

"I worked for CALOR Gas a number of years back. I still tell people about your fine scampi. I work in Antrim so never about Down. I must take a day off and call to get some of you're super fish. Hopefully see you soon". 

Sara Velasquez

Review 5 Star!  
"We only buy our fish from East Coast Seafood as we can be sure it is as fresh as possible and the price is so much better than buying from a shop or supermarket. The salmon is delicious and is our family favourite, closely followed by the prawns, or is it the seabass or it could be the chowder mix. It's too hard to choose."

Fiona Hamill

"I love East Coast Seafood's, Marty, Eileen, Georgina and Brian are so friendly and knowledgeable. The fish is thee best ever, I don't have to go to St. Georges Market because it's right on my doorstep. The prawns are to die for, I'm not saying which ones because I'm greedy and I don't want anybody else to procure them ha ha". 

Leanne Mulholland 

Review 5 Star!  
"Fantastic selection of shellfish at a great price. Was delighted with my order of fresh langoustines, clams, mussels, and crab claws. 
The smoked salmon is divine.
Will definitely be back"

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